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Campus Environment

  The campus is located in the central part of Chia-yi County, 15 kilometers from the City of Chia-yi, which is clip_image008approximately 250 kilometers south of Taipei. The campus occupies an open landscape of 132 hectares on a hill, with more than 200,000 trees of various species. On a campus tour, one may be amazed by the elegant buildings of different architectural styles, surrounded by tall trees, open green spaces, and winding roads flanked with flowering trees and bushes blooming in different seasons. The campus itself is a beautiful park with serenity and openness, and is literally a breath of fresh air in comparison to Taiwan’s more urban campuses. Viewed from the plains below, the University resembles a splendid palace on a hill. Despite the image of university as seemingly the excluded ivory tower, the university is in fact friendly open to all and serves the community in many ways.


  The 5th International Conference on Accounting and Information Technology

would be conducted at National Chung Cheng University which is located in Central Southern Taiwan, Chiayi County. Chiayi is approximately 250 kilometers south of Taiwan’s capital, Taipei. With completion of the High-Speed Rail, Chiayi is easily accessible, and it will take merely one hour to travel to Taipei and half an hour to Kaohsiung. With 540,000 people, Chiayi is in the process of striking a balance between rural agro-ecological culture andurban planning development. The 23.5 Tropic of Cancer passes through Chiayi, so Chiayi is rich in natural resources, featuring a uniquely ecological landscape and rich fishery products.


Links to National Chung Cheng University and Department of Accounting and Information Technology:

http://www.ccu.edu.tw/(National Chung Cheng University)

http://www.ait.ccu.edu.tw/ (Department of Accounting and Information Technology)







Alishan is not only the most famous tourist spot in Taiwan, but also the most popular travel destination for overseas tourists. People who haven't been to Alishan cannot truly say they have really been to Taiwan. However, the Alishan area was first explored a long time ago. But it was developed later and slowly, like a pearl with dust -- it takes everyone's efforts to make it shine and become brighter. Alishan's beauty is natural with living creatures. Besides the sunrise, sea of clouds, brilliant sunshine, and sunset, its spectacular views encompass Tashan, Xiaoliyuanshan, Zhushan and Wanshuishan.

Please check the websites below for more information: http://www.ali-nsa.net/user/Main.aspx?Lang=1 (Alishan

Guanziling Scenic Area

clip_image019Guanziling Hotspring is a mud hot spring in Tainan, also called "The Best Spiritual Spring in the world." This may not sound very appealing, but the waters have a reputation for treating skin allergies, and the spring is reportedly one of only three of its type in the world (the other two being in Kagoshima,Japan and Vulcano,Italy). The standard course of treatment is to slather on the stuff, let in dry out for a few minutes, then rinse it off in a pool and repeat. It's also regarded as a natural source of beauty treatment. Besides, there is a special spot called " Fire and Water Spring" in Guanziling. A river passes the area, allowing underground natural gas to ascend through cracks in the rock, emerge from the surface along with the spring water, and feed an eternal flame that dances in the water.

Please check the websites below for more information:

http://tour.tainan.gov.tw/view.aspx?sn=160 (Guanzihling)





 Sun Moon Lake

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The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area is praised for its five major recreational systems, including the lake, Shueili River, Puli, Jhuoshuei River and Jiji. The surrounding areas stretch to cover known tourist spots including Taumi, Checheng, Jiji, Shueisheda Mountain, Sangyong Falls, Mingtan Reservoir and Shueili River.Sun Moon Lake features the only full-range 3D tours (lake, sky and land) in Taiwan. The lake cycling trail has been dubbed by CNNGO, CNN as one of the most beautiful cycling trails in the world. Top scenic spots in the lake area include Lalu island, Weneu Temple, Cien Pagoda, Lalu Island, Syuentzang Temple, Xian Mountain, Yongjie Bridge, Tongxin Bridge, Christian Church, Meihe Garden, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village and Snake Kiln, and the 14 lake trails are the top choices for sightseeing and leisure activities; specialty recreational locations in surrounding areas include (organized based on tour theme): Jiji and Checheng (Railway Nostalgic Trip); Dili and Sangyong (Indigenous Village Tour); Lugao and Seshui (Black Tea Pottery Tour) and Puli Taumi and Toushe Live Basin (Nature and Ecological Tour).